Graphic by  Becca Goldman

Graphic by Becca Goldman

8 Body-Positive Lingerie Brands You Should Know about

By Maddy Johnson

2 · 24 · 2019


When you think of lingerie brands, does Victoria’s Secret pop into your mind?  If it does, you're not alone – Victoria’s Secret has dominated the market for years.  That being said, I think it’s time we change that. Why? Check out what Ed Razek, chief marketing officer at Victoria’s Secret said about including plus-size and transgender models in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show: “Why not? Because the show is a fantasy. It’s a 42-minute entertainment special. That’s what it is.”

I think, as women, we can do better than this.  Let’s support brands that support all women; at Tough to Tame, we’re looking to give a little love to inclusive, body-positive lingerie brands.  So if you’re into intersectionality and supporting marginalized women, check out these brands below:


Back in 2014, Aerie stopped airbrushing their advertisements, sparking a body-positive revolution.  Aerie continues to advocate for plus-size inclusivity with #AerieREAL, an ongoing body-positivity campaign that encourages women to love the skin they’re in.  


Thirdlove in an innovative, up-and-coming brand.  Thirdlove designs their products using the measurements of millions of women; they cary sizes AA through G and they carry half-cups (finally!!!).  Just take their online quiz and find your perfect fit.

Savage x Fenty

Rihanna’s Savage x Fenty is chic and inclusive, with bras ranging from 32A to 44DDD and undies ranging from XS to 3X.  Savage x Fenty also showcases a diverse group of women in its runway shows, advertisements, and social media.

Dear Kate

Period proof panties?  Count me in. Dear Kate’s Underlux technology is revolutionary, designed to wick away sweat and prevent leaks of all sorts.  Dear Kate is also revolutionary in that their advertisements include all types of women.

Neon Moon

From the moment I saw Neon Moon’s mantra of “Badass Underwear for Badass Women,” I knew I was going love this brand.  Neon Moon is sick of body shaming and does not retouch. Here’s to celebrating all women!

Figs Underwear

Figs Underwear is lush, minimalist, and most importantly body-positive.  According to the brand’s website, the ultimate goal is to “accentuate the curves and lines of the naked and are meant to show off the female form in its most authentic way.”  

Me and You

Started by two best friends fed up with the unrealistic beauty standards reinforced by most clothing companies, Me and You is a brand you’re going to want to check out.  Not only do they have a pair of undies that says “Feminist” on it, but they carry feminist jewelry and loungewear too!

True & Co

True & Co wants women to feel comfortable in their skin, and we’re here for it.  Striving to make bras that fit perfectly (wait–those exist????), True & Co pioneered the concept of a fit quiz.  Go. Take. It.

So, now ladies, I hope when you think of lingerie brands, some new brands pop into your head!  The change starts with us.