Media (the content we consume everyday, 24/7, in both conscious and unconscious ways), are the basis for the ways human beings think and the way we see the world. For that reason, the way that media is constructed needs to be taken with the utmost care; the images we display and articles we write hold power.   

However, too often, in a reflection of the increasingly polarized world we're living in, the content we consume comes from perspectives we already have and produces beliefs we already hold. A field that's supposed to inform and foster change is instead perpetuating harmful echo-chambers and stagnant world views. Tough to Tame is here to change this -- I've created Tough to Tame as a space to talk about women's issues in a way that doesn't alienate anyone. 


I owe a large majority of my strong-held convictions to the liberal ideals laid out to me in the wide array of magazines I consumed while growing up -- Teen Vogue and 17 when I was in middle school, to GirlBoss and Man Repeller, now. And despite their own respective values (I seriously owe them credit to the person I've become), they're all targeted towards women, not taking into the account the people in the world who need to be consuming this information, too. How can we be surprised that men aren't aware of the wage gap or staggering rape statistics when the media that relay this information aren't targeted towards them?

We're not promising that Tough to Tame is here to offer groundbreaking news or conduct life-changing research. But we do promise that our articles will offer the nuance and complexity to the phenomena around us that are just as nuanced and complex  -- because life isn't ever that simple. 

Instead of writing an angry essay about why Aziz Ansari is problematic, we write about the complex relationship between men and women that give rise to patriarchal interactions like these. Instead of joining the herd in praising Childish Gambino's "This is America," we bring up the problem of relying on an entertaining music video to understand the racist justice system. 

But besides smart takes on important topics, the site also promises to be an accurate reflection of what people care about -- the trivial, the fun, the messy. We can care about the pervasive racism and misogyny of Trump's presidency but also want to talk about Rihanna's best looks from Coachella. Our hobbies and interests don't define our intellect, and being a feminist sure as hell doesn't mean we can't think critically about the issues going on around us. 

Throughout my last few years writing, I glossed over good ideas far too often because I assumed that I wasn't on “that level,” or that someone else would probably just do it. If I could go back in time, I'd keep my notebook a little closer and in it, allow myself the space to flesh out ideas, good or bad. Like many writers, I've always treated my notebook as a final relic of my existence, and every entry as such, but I see now that getting messy and working through exciting thoughts is actually what helps develop and hone my skills. Tough to Tame aims to be a non-judgmental notebook for me, and for the diverse group of writers and creatives that make us up. 

Get messy with us.




Anna Tingley (Founder, Tough to Tame)