By Katrina Froelich

4· 14 · 2019


Casual is cool… but is it work appropriate?

In recent seasons, more and more brands have embraced a more leisurely aesthetic and it seems that people are following suit. Athlesuire is at an all time high and sweatsuits are somehow cool again?

It seems that companies are even taking a more relaxed approach. Recently, Goldman Sachs announced that it’s relaxing its dress code in favor of a more casual environment. I mean, Goldman Sachs employees probably aren’t going to start wearing jeans and a t-shirt to work, but at least now the employees will have a little bit more freedom with what they wear.

Since casual has become undoubtedly fashionable, I decided to test out if casual could become professional. How far could we make this casual trend go?

As it turns out, you can actually get away with wearing straight up pajamas to work if you put a blazer on… and act like you aren’t actually wearing pajamas. While some outfits are definitely not work appropriate (even when you work in fashion) some actually are.


Outfit 1 - Haute Rouge Annabelle Animal Print Pants and Ginia Camille Tank Top

Silk is the perfect make-something-that-is-casual-look-professional material. Paired with a fancy blazer I actually look like I could get some shit done at work, or at the very least, some actual work done. Word to the wise- the top is pretty skimpy and won’t fly in most office spaces (plus, like, air conditioning) so a blazer is perfect to hide the fact that you’re literally wearing a scandalous pajama top. You can buy the top on Ginia’s website here and the funky pants at Haute Rouge here.


Outfit 2- RECLINER Long Sleeve Pajama Set in Navy

The bamboo jersey material of this set is probably the softest thing you will ever touch. Recliner gets an A+ in comfort, but the material is so obviously loungewear that even with a blazer I still felt a little bit underdressed. The secret ingredient there is confidence, no one questions what you’re wearing when you’re not questioning it either ;) Buy the site on RECLINER’s website here.


Outfit 3- Sleeper Black Pajama Set “Black Tie”

This set has taken the Instagram world by storm, and for good reason. This sleeper set is not just a pajama set, the exquisite attention to detail and the feathers at the bottom that perfectly highlight a pair of heels. Would anyone actually sleep in this? I’d rather just show it off! Snag a pair off Sleeper’s website now while it’s still on sale!


Outfit 4- Wildfox Hibiscus Dreams Easy Sweats and Sweatshirt and SLIP Silk Sleepmask

Some outfits aren’t office appropriate, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t work appropriate — you should probably just be working from home. You can look amazing and be comfortable as hell. Treat yourself to a Wildfox set on their website here and snag a SLIP mask at Sephora.


Outfit 5- Domi Floral slip and fOO fOO Slippers

Domi is one of my favorite sustainable sleep brands. Made from completely organic cotton, this is more than just a sleep dress, between the fun print and an oversized blazer, I actually think I might be able to get away with wearing this to work. The super fun slippers are optional, but incredibly comfortable and on trend. Pro-tip - what would really make this outfit work appropriate would be if I put a white turtleneck under the slip.

Styling and modeling by Katrina Froelich

Photography by Isabel Bina