here's what you need to read the month of may

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House Of The Spirits By Isabel Allende

Recommended by - Micaela Goldzweig; Contributor

Why - This book introduced me to the amazing genre of magical realism (although if you haven’t, read One Hundred Years of Solitude first). It tells the story of multiple generations of a family in Chile.



Making Life Easy By Christiane Northrup

Recommended by - Saskia Leonard; Contributor

Why - It reconnects the reader to their inner divine femininity. It is empowering and awakening; it challenges readers to question their perspective and realign it with a greater purpose and inner vitality. 



Crazy Rich Asians By Kevin Kwan

Recommended by - Katrina Froelich; Contributor

Why - Okay so this book came out in 2013 but it is seriously one of my all time favorite books. It has all the opulence, gossip and fashion of Gossip Girl but with amazingly rich characters to match. It lets the reader into a world of well… Crazy Rich Asians (specifically Singaporeans) and their over-the-top lives. Plus, they’re making a movie this summer and it looks so good! 



All The Bright Places By Jennifer Niven

Recommended by - Lauren Cameron; Contributor

Why -  This novel will break your heart and slowly mend it back together. It is a tale of romance and adventure, about a teenage girl who learns what it means to live from a boy who wants to die. This is the kind of book that you won't be able to put down until you've turned the last page-- it carefully intertwines mental health awareness with gripping adventures. A movie based off this novel is currently in pre-production stages and has an expected released date in late 2018... so get to reading it now!



Revenge Of The Mooncake Vixen By Marilyn Chin

Recommended by -  Genevieve Finn; Contributor

Why - I just read this book for my English 117 class and LOVED it. It's a hilarious look at what it means to be Asian American woman that incorporates classical Confucian, Taoist, and Buddhist literature and manga and superhero comic book influences. It's a funny, fast read (I laughed out loud multiple times) that has deeper commentary on race and feminism. The form is really interesting too; the author describes it as a manifesto in fourteen tales. Some of these tales are poetry, some parables, some prose. Each new chapter is an entertaining surprise.



Pretend I'm Not Here: How I Worked With Three Newspaper Icons, One Powerful First Lady, And Still Managed To Dig Myself Out Of The Washington Swamp By Barbara Feinman Todd

Recommended by - Anna Tingley; Founder/Editor-in-Chief

Why - This is the perfect book for anyone who is interested in the intersection of media and politics and is curious about the behind-the-scenes work of campaigns. Although packed with information, it reads like a suspenseful story rather than a textbook. The author, Barbara Feinman Todd, was the ghostwriter for an array of Washington luminaries, from Bob Woodward (the investigative journalist at The Washington Post who helped break Watergate) to Hillary Clinton. With insider information from some of the most prominent political figures, Todd offers readers a front-row seat to both The Washington Post's newsroom as well as Hillary Clinton's living room to help uncover the controversy, lies, and deceit that are all too familiar on the streets of the nation's capital.



Exit West By Mohsin Hamid

Recommended by - Ali Merkl; Contributor

Why - First things first, this book was on Obama’s list of his favorite reads of 2017, and for good reason! This short, compelling novel follows two refugees and their romance, weaving in elements of magical realism and allowing us as readers to gain a greater understanding of the refugee crisis in the Middle East. With a stunning combination of fantasy, romance, and recent events, this is a book you will knock out in a couple hours.



Sapiens: A Brief History Of Humankind By Yuval Noah Harari

Recommended by - Ariana Rassouli; Contributor

Why -  This books truly educated its readers about how we became and what it is like to be human. Outlining an evolutionary review of humankind, the book correlates science, individual ideology, religion, language, and many other tenets of what life on Earth has been, is, and what will probably be like. It puts humankind and individuality into perspective. Great read.



The Marriage Plot By Jeffrey Eugenides

Recommended by - Gabriela Guiterrez; Contributor 

Why -  Writing style on point.