Photo courtesy of Katrina Froelich, Graphic by  Tara Steinmetz

Photo courtesy of Katrina Froelich, Graphic by Tara Steinmetz


By Katrina Froelich

12 ・ 1 ・2018

Katrina pictured with boyfriend Zach

Katrina pictured with boyfriend Zach

My boyfriend has a very specific taste in clothing. He’s a proud San Diego native and genuinely believes that a horizontal striped surf shirt is the only outfit staple he needs. Since I’ve known him he’s bought three of the same pair of blue and black Vans high tops because he hasn’t found a shoe he likes more. And when he tries to take fashion risks it usually results in something like that one time he painted his nails black and wore a turtleneck because “It was punk as fuck, think Green Day meets Lou Reed.”

So, inspired by Man Repeller’s unique series, I decided to let my boyfriend dress me for our most recent date night. Per my request, he decided my outfit, my shoes and any and all accessories for the night.

When Leandra had her husband Abie did the same, she described her experience as “couples therapy” but I wouldn’t go so far as to call it that. It was definitely fun, but not in the way I expected.

See, I’m a control freak, especially when it comes to what I am wearing. When I dress up, I dress up, and clothing choices, styles and trends are always on my mind. Hence, my position as Tough to Tame’s Fashion Editor – I simply love clothes.

I love what they can do for you, how they can change your day, how they can show the world exactly who you are (or sometimes hide it). How you decide to dress every morning is a reflection of how you expect or want that day to go, and can sometimes even be telling of one’s own hopes and dreams. Some days, when I’m in sweatpants, a baggy Star Wars shirt and Crocs my hopes and dreams are simply to get to Trader Joe’s and back without being noticed. Other days, when I’m in a certain power suit or my favorite dress, I want people to notice me, I want them to remember me.

But on this fateful night, I had to give up all my control. It was date night and we were going out to a fancy restaurant in Venice as an early birthday celebration for my 22nd.

If it was my choice I would have picked my Crosby St Shirt Dress from Choosy. It’s casual, not overly sexy and can be dressed up or down. I probably would have added a pop of color with my green Charlotte Olympia platform sandals or a bright clutch. But, it wasn’t my turn to pick.


The Outfit:

Dress: For Love & Lemons Isabella Bustier Mini

Shoes: Steve Madden Corine Black Patent Sandal

Accessories: None

“Of the options I saw the black dress seemed like it was the most fitting. A lot of the other options were more over the top and this seemed the most classic” Zach told me. (Editor’s note: Um, rude, my clothes are not over the top...) He then elaborated “I didn’t think you would pick this outfit because you always put colors in your outfit.” (Editor’s note: This is true) “You always get cold but you never wear jackets so I didn’t pick a jacket for you. I just made sure I wore one tonight knowing I would have to give it to you later.”

It might not have been couples therapy, but it was nice to let someone else make fashion decisions for me (even if it wasn’t easy). It’s even nicer to see yourself from someone else’s eyes. Zach picked the simplest outfit he could from my extra af closet. “After seeing you in that outfit I’m glad I picked it out. You look beautiful.” Couples therapy? No. But compliments are nice.   

Katrina Froelich is the Fashion Editor at Tough to Tame. She’s worked in the fashion industry for over four years, gaining experience in PR and Editorial work at companies such as GUESS, Vivienne Westwood and Forme. You can reach her at