Graphic by Rachael Previti

Graphic by Rachael Previti


By Rachael Previti

5 · 18 · 2019


 At one of Tough to Tame’s classic pitch meetings in our lovely Anna Tingley’s apartment, one of the last ideas to be thrown around during the evening was by contributor Lauren Cameron. She suggested that one of us only watch conservative news for two weeks and then write up a response to it. Everyone laughed and joked and said they didn’t want to do it. But I… yes, I, volunteered myself as tribute. A sacrifice one might say. Just another average night at my house, I would say. 

I grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut which is easily one of the most conservative areas of the Northeast. I grew up watching Fox News every day because that’s what my parents watched. I literally didn’t think there were any other news channels until I was like, 12. So, I figured this would be a walk in the park - nothing I’m not used to. 

I went in with the intention not to bash on conservative news (although that is incredibly enticing). Instead, I went in with the mindset that you might as well know your opponent’s argument as well as you know your own. Nevertheless, taking in only conservative news for a week, as funny as it was, is exhausting.

My first step was to delete as much of my “liberal” media as possible. Bye, bye CNN News App, BBC news, and Buzzfeed (which I was absolutely going to miss the most *tear*). Next, I went on Twitter (which I had made in 7th grade and haven’t used since) and followed all my new faves: Donald J. Trump himself, Tomi Lahren, Kevin McCullough, Ben Shapiro, Dana Loesch, and my personal favorite, Also, in lieu of my beloved Buzzfeed app, I downloaded the Fox News App. And finally, I made it my goal to watch Fox News every night before I went to bed. *sigh*. 

So here’s how it turned out:

I didn’t go totally insane, although I was close. And I’m not brainwashed. What I am, is absolutely gobsmacked at some of the things I came across on my conservative splurge. Of course, being a liberal, you’re sure to see some of the more outrageous things some conservatives post on Twitter but oh man, I didn’t realize how frequently these things happened!

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 1.08.07 PM.png

All of the below examples are pretty much a summation of everything I absorbed during my conservative binge. I wanted to look for the bright side in some of the things conservatives had to say instead of being like, “Oh my god look at all of these things conservatives think!” because we all watch Trevor Noah and follow Trump on Twitter so we know these things. But honestly, it was hard to find what was really stood for besides bashing liberals. One Fox show that I found myself watching on Sunday night, “The Revolution with Steve Hilton” was one such example. At first, I’m like, alright what could this be about, what revolution? And then they do this bit, called the Loony Left. It literally had its own jingle and title slide. They start talking about how Microsoft is launching a new politically-correct autocorrect. And literally, everyone on the panel starts scoffing because things like policeman would be changed to police officer. I’ll let that sit for a minute.

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 1.08.16 PM.png

Okay, are you okay? Me neither. So they go on to talk about how it is the liberals’ way of controlling your thoughts and how you speak in accordance with the liberal agenda. Food for thought? Crazy idea here, but maybe, just maybe we live in the 21st century. And maybe women who work as police officers would prefer to be regarded as an officer instead of a man.

Then a woman goes on to talk about how her Apple autocorrect still doesn’t know when she’s trying to type out Trump, you know, because the liberal agenda. So, out of curiosity I tried this myself. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 1.08.23 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 1.08.27 PM.png

Moral of the story is, I have no idea what this woman was talking about. I don’t really text about politics so it’s not like it’s a commonly used word of mine anyways. 

But it wasn’t all bad. One of the stories that came up as I was scrolling through my newly refurbished, conservative Twitter feed, was a story about the latest shooting at the Colorado STEM school. The article pointed out that the story was largely under covered by the media because it didn’t fit the liberal agenda since the shooter wasn’t a white supremacist and there was no AR-15 involved. Listen, liberal or conservative or moderate, this is a good and factual point to some degree. The media on all sides were silent about this shooting. I barely heard about it after the day that it happened. You could argue this is because the story doesn’t fit with the liberal agenda, or, you could argue that unfortunately shootings are becoming old news. They happen all the time now and it is beginning to un-phase the media and public alike. The shooting that occurred at a synagogue in Poway, California was also underreported. And both an AR-15 and an anti-semite were involved! Bonus points is that it fits with the liberal ~agenda~. At the end of the day, shootings shouldn’t be about politics, it should be about the universal desire to keep people safe no matter where they are or who they are. It’s about mental health. It’s about safety. But that’s where we all start to split. 

Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 1.08.37 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-05-19 at 1.08.33 PM.png

So, my week of Fox News and conservative social media was an absolute doozy. I went in with the intent to keep an open mind about the arguments that were made, but at my core I couldn’t agree and I spent most of my time debunking their reasoning. I’m positive that a conservative doing this with liberal media would feel similarly, because that’s *showbiz* baby, it’s just how politics work. Liberals say things that conservatives think are absolutely ridiculous! What this test drive of conservative media has made me realize though, is that we really need to spend less time absolutely bashing each other, and more time solidifying our case for changes in policy. I know it’s so much easier to roast each other. But know the facts, make constructive arguments, know your opponent (whether you’re a liberal or a conservative), and make your case. 

Now I can finally re-download Buzzfeed, thank GOD, and happily consume my liberal agenda for the rest of my life.