By Tessa de Nicola

10 • 28• 2018

You’re at a crossroads in your beauty routine –– you want products that are effective but aren’t harmful to the environment because, let’s face it, it’s 2018 and the concept of scary chemicals, parabens, and formaldehyde are no longer appealing (but were they ever?)  

There’s what seem to be an endless array of beauty products on the current market, making it more overwhelming than ever for us to to decide which beauty products to buy, which products are right for us, AND which brands promote sustainability. I find that understanding the philosophy of the products you use for your skin and for your body really helps simplify and define the process.

And as always, it takes some research.

I had the pleasure of attending beauty 2 on October 11, and received a front-row seat to their innovative approach to beauty exposition.

The  expo strayed away from the typical trade show, which Samantha Silverberg, beauty 2’s Event Director, told me is usually too crowded and busy to know what’s going on. “The goal for this event is to do the opposite of what a trade show does, and kind of create an in-person Linkedin,” Silverberg said. “Let’s bring these companies in and really get to know and talk to them.”

The inspiration behind the brands chosen to participate in beauty 2 comes from origin stories of their creators, and the personal experiences that have taken them to the next level.  “We seek out brands that are cruelty free, eco-friendly, green, and vegan,” Silverberg said. “We find brands that take the time to look at what’s going into them.”

After walking around the expo and speaking to the many brilliant women representing their brands, I found and chose  three incredible products that will not only simplify your beauty routine, but HELP OUR PLANET and your body in the process Check them out below – no extra research necessary.

  1. Velvette Organics Facial Oils (Joyce and Jenny Tse)

  • Why focus on oils? What’s wrong with the toners, primers, and moisturizers we are all so adapted to in our routine? We understand skincare to be extremely frustrating for people, and research shows that most people have over ten steps in their beauty routine. Most of these steps contain harmful ingredients and harmful chemicals, not to mention the excessive packaging that goes into marketing these products.

  • Co-founders (Joyce and Jenny Tse) have simplified this process by making a one-step hydration that provides the same effect as a multi-stepped routine. They carry six facial oils ranging from light to rich, tailored to your specific skin type. Many traditional products use the same oil bases for every skin type and contain about 60-80% of water.

  • Using Joyce’s chemical engineering background, Velvette has created a perfect oil blend that is both silicon and filler free and can be used for all steps of a beauty routine.

  • Plant oils concentrate the effect of the moisturizer, eliminate harmful chemicals, and reduce environmental waste from excess packaging.

  • “These facial oils can be used as a standalone moisturizer, a beauty serum, infused into other skincare products, as a sleeping mask, and even as a primer for before you put on your makeup,” Joyce said. “Less is more, and with these facial oils one drop can do as much as an entire pump of moisturizer.”      

    2. milk + honey Deodorant (Alissa Bayer)

  • I like to think of myself as one of the SWEATIEST people alive, and I am not exaggerating; anyone who knows me would surely attest to this. Being that I more often than not have to change shirts half way through the day, a great deodorant has been impossible for me to find. After attending beauty 2 and getting my hands on this product; I can confidently say that THIS DEODORANT IS MAGIC.

  • Founder Alissa Bayer launched milk + honey as a spa from which a product line was born with the same intention to make people feel good and to use the cleanest and most luxurious ingredients. It’s basically a DIY at-home spa. “We strive to maintain effective while staying clean, which many companies sacrifice,” said Dree McCarrel, the social media and marketing coordinator of the brand.

  • Just this past July, milk + honey introduced their new stick deodorant which remains aluminum and triclosan free. It isn’t labeled as an antiperspirant, yet it nourishes the skin while fighting both odor AND sweat. They offer a regular strength, an extra strength, and one that is baking soda free.

  • With milk + honey you don’t have to sacrifice your health or the environment to get results. This shit works. I can literally wear grey t-shirts now!

3.  Belleci Cosmetics Foundation System

  • Women’s skin tones change frequently, forcing their foundations to follow their lead. It kills me to throw out a foundation I was only able to use a couple months just because I spent a few days in the sun. Not only is this a waste of money but it is also feeding into the marketing tactics that are extremely harmful to our environment.

  • The Belleci Cosmetic System allows you to adjust your own foundation to match your exact skin tone. The package comes with a basic foundation, a hydrator, and both a lightening and darkening adjustor that will last up to two years.

  • Not only is this foundation extremely cost effective, but it is also beneficial for your skin. It uses sustainable ingredients that are paraben free, propylene glycol free, gluten free, fragrance free, dye free, alcohol free, oil free and talc free. That’s a lot of products are made right here in the United States.

  • It contains plant stem cells, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants, and moisturizers for the ever so sought after “dewey glow.” Having tested this product myself, it manages to maintain great coverage on top of everything else.

Shopping for beauty products can be overwhelming – it seems like there’s always something new to buy that will “transform” your beauty routine. But these products hold up to the test. More importantly they help you make the transition toward a cleaner and more organic beauty routine, which is better for you AND the planet!