By Katrina Froelich


When someone sees a Flame Shirt it usually draws up a schema that includes Smash Mouth, frosted tips, white tank tops and, most importantly, Guy Fieri.

The chef/T.V personality has created a look so recognizable that it’s impossible to separate him from his “look” and it has cemented him as a one-of- a-kind pop culture icon.

In recent years, the internet has cast Guy Fieri as a lovable, entertaining and meme-worthy figure. Naturally, not wanting to miss out on what could only be described as the “Guy Fieri Factor,” his flame shirt is having a Fashion Moment.

The classic flame shirt was reimagined by a couple designers this season. On the menswear 2018 runway one could see Prada’s reimagined button down version, Dior’s T-shirt take, and as a detail on Vetements’s staple jeans in their latest collection.  On the woman’s side, Rihanna recently stepped out in a flaming fur coat and flaming platform boots. 

rude. 🔥💋🔥

So it seems that Fieri was ahead of his time and the fashion world is only now ready to accept the one item that has defined Fieri’s entire style. However, not all fashion editors are necessarily on board with the trend. Vogue Culture Editor Alessandra Codinha hates it. “I think if you have to communicate how hot you are by wearing clothes painted with literal flames, you’re not," Codinha said an interview with Vogue.

Only time will tell if Fieri’s signature look becomes a fashion staple, or if the trend burns bright and quickly dies out, but expect to see a lot more flame details in this coming season.

And remember, couture didn’t start this fire. Guy Fieri did.

Katrina Froelich is the Fashion Editor at Tough to Tame. She’s worked in the fashion industry for over four years, gaining experience in PR and Editorial work at companies such as GUESS and Forme. You can reach her at katrinafroelich@toughtotame.org