#CANCELKAVANAUGH: why the midterm elections are more important than ever

By Anna Tingley


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It was just the other day that I was telling my mom how little, if at all, my life has tangibly changed since President Trump’s election almost two years ago.

Despite the constant public uproar against his egregious statements and an increase in vocal activism across the board, the administration has not yet created concrete policy that has changed the way I navigate my life as a woman.

Don’t get me wrong, the current administration has not only normalized hateful rhetoric and culture, but recent executive decisions also have left large communities in hopeless positions. Trump’s immoral immigration policies, for one, display his xenophobia and blatant racism, and records show that almost 13,000 migrant children are still held in detention after being separated from their families at the border. And the administration is certainly not working to help the systematically oppressed communities in this country – fighting for long-awaited criminal justice reform for people of color? Combating police brutality? Funding healthcare for the poor? Not part of their agenda.

However, despite all the this, it almost seems like the average American life is virtually the same as when the U.S rested under the inclusive and caring and smart leadership of Obama, a president that can be said to be the exact antithesis of the one we’re living under now. But for the time-being, my day-to-day life is very much the same. Save the fear I hold in my belly, and the anger I leash out through short tweets and longer think-pieces, my rights as a fairly typical white women have not yet been sacrificed, and even minorities’ already-jeapordized rights have not yet been rolled back despite frightening threats.

That is, until their rights – our rights – are rolled backed.

Until the slow-winded, and often tedious policy-making of Congress is finally successful in attacking progressive agendas.

It isn’t real until it is.

And reality won’t have the ability to set in until the votes from the upcoming primaries are officially counted, votes which will determine whether Democrats win enough seats back in Congress to have control over contentious legislation, and most notably whether Trump will have the authority to officially nominate Brett Kavanaugh as the newest Supreme Court Justice.

As a fresh 18 year-old, the first two ballots I ever cast were for Hillary Clinton, but the upcoming Primaries just might hold as much weight – if not for the salvation that progressive candidates will offer if successful, then for the immediate fascism that will take over if they fail.

Basically, if we don’t put in our efforts now to make sure Democrats win seats in Congress, then we’ll fall victim to a cruel agenda put forth by the highest seat of power our country offers.

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