#cancelkavanaugh, But First we need to postpone the vote

By Grace Hawkins


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This Thursday, members of the Senate are scheduled to vote on the confirmation of Trump nominee Brett Kavanaugh as a U.S Supreme Court justice.

With the retirement of moderate-conservative justice, Anthony Kennedy, the eight-person Supreme Court now faces an even split between conservatives and liberals, and if Kavanaugh is confirmed as the ninth Supreme Court Justice, his far-right ideologies could tip the balance of SCOTUS decisions.

I, along with the editorial team at Tough to Tame, feel the need to speak out against Kavanaugh’s confirmation due to his beliefs and actions toward women. Kavanaugh is blatantly anti-abortion, believes that contraceptives are a form of abortion, and is seemingly un-opinionated about the permanence and validity of Roe v. Wade. And the most disturbing part of his nomination is California professor Christine Blasey Ford’s recent testimony accusing him of sexual misconduct.

I fear that if Kavanaugh is appointed, he would put birth control and reproductive rights at risk across the nation, and that future decisions about women’s rights at the national level would be determined by a man who has committed sexual assault.

I urge our readers to call their senators (Yes, call their senators- it is one of the most effective ways to sway legislative decisions outside of voting in the midterms. Calling takes less than five minutes and is stupidly easy!) and urge them to postpone the Kavanaugh vote, and to vote no on his confirmation when the time comes. Kavanaugh is only 53 years old, and his appointment could shape American politics for the next three decades. This is not a decision to be made rashly, but instead with careful thought and consideration.

To find the name of your senators, click here.

To call your senators, dial 202-224-3121.