self-care & self-love start with self-respect

2 · 14 · 2019

By Isabel Bina


Self-care can not be bought.

The nitty gritty truth of self-care has been shielded behind the rainbows and unicorns of capitalism. Millennials have been sold the idea that wellness and self-love is achieved  by treating oneself when mental and physical exhaustion strikes. While face masks and specialty coffee are consumed in an effort to indulge away negative thoughts, they simply avoid the messy emotions and insecurities we owe to ourselves to resolve.  

Self-care is not easy.

Befriending your mind, body, and soul is a challenging, vulnerable, yet fulfilling endeavor. We millennials spend so much – if not too much – time on social media engaging with content that perpetuates a competitive mindset by setting standards for beauty, happiness, and productivity. It’s easy to feel behind and incapable when your mind is saturated by everyone else’s highlight reel, but the reality is the only person you need to prove your worth to is yourself.


Self-care starts with reevaluation.

I think it’s fair to say that the starkest difference between Americans and Europeans is their work ethic. We are constantly working towards material success, and while our blood is pumping with caffeine Europeans are taking mid-day siestas and living to enjoy the little things in life. It’s about time we all slow down and practice mindfulness by building greater awareness to your relationship with the outside environment as well as to yourself. How do you feel when scrolling through your instagram feed? When you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror what words reflect back at you? What motivates you? What distracts you? What is keeping you from loving yourself?


Self-care to me is scheduling in alone time, creating boundaries, and being nice to my body.

Yes, I occasionally treat myself to a Glossier product or pour a glass of white wine to wind down, but at the core of my self-care practice is self-respect, which began when I acknowledged my mental capacity and learned to be okay with saying “no” because sacrificing my health and happiness undermines my self- love. To me, self-care is working on on letting go of relationships that are not supportive and nurturing. To me, self-care to me is getting myself to my yoga mat with the knowledge that my practice will not be the same as the previous. To me, self-care is staying home when I’m mentally and physically exhausted. It’s impossible to always be “on” and it’s okay to take a break from the social scene –  learning to do so without “fomo” is a challenge all on its own, but giving yourself the time and space to breathe is of the utmost value.

Plant the seeds and nurture the soil that will allow for wellness and love to blossom. Cherish the body that is encasing your authentic soul and expansive mind. Adopt habits that eliminate stress and celebrate you long term. Stop existing, and start living because you are important, you are worthy, and you are loved.


Photos by Isabel Bina

Styled by Sofie Bina

Modeled by Keiana Rei, Zoe Zoldan, Avery Tinsley, Talia Shimoni, and Soraya Sasaghbini