Hannah Sullivan, the founder of TAKEOUT Clothing, shot by  Isabel Bina

Hannah Sullivan, the founder of TAKEOUT Clothing, shot by Isabel Bina


By Katrina Froelich

11 • 5 • 2018


What did you do this summer? Some people spend the sunny months saving up money at a temporary job or maybe even grinding at a dream internship. Even better, some actually do the whole “vacation” thing right, traveling to exotic destinations. UCLA undergraduate Hannah Sullivan went a different route though and spent her summer starting a business: TAKE OUT Clothing.

“The name ‘Take Out’ has a lot to do with the concept behind the entire line: taking apart old pieces of clothing, and reinventing them,” Sullivan told Tough to Tame. “However, I really wanted to give credit to the fact that the items that I create were someone else’s creation at some point before me. In this sense, I am using out-of-date articles of clothing, ‘taking out’ the parts that can still be useful and in-style today, and redoing them. Additionally, the name connects to the idea of ethical fashion, as I am attempting to ‘take out’ or remove harmful practices from the fashion industry.”


The San Diego native spent her high school years in Spain searching for clothes that were in line with her own values as a consumer – “I was really frustrated by the fact that I couldn’t find anything that was truly sustainable and affordable.”

An avid thrifter, she would search for unique clothing items at fair prices, but soon found there was a lack of consistency in thrift shopping, with most clothing missing the mark on current trends. “(It’s) hit or miss,” she said. “I started thinking to myself, ‘why don’t I just make something that is affordable and also sustainable?’”

Soon after, TAKE OUT Clothing became the brainchild of Hannah and her desire for more than just cheaply-made and overly-priced clothes. “This summer I went to a lot of Goodwills, and other thrift shops and used my mom’s sewing machine and started making a few things here and there.” Hannah returned to school in September with her clothes and sewing machine in tow, and started selling.


TAKE OUT Clothing is all Hannah. The production process is made up of just her and her sewing machine. Her workspace is a desk in her room, and her makeshift marketing plan is Take Out’s Instagram account where all her newest pieces are posted .

The hardest part? “Keeping up with demand,” she says.

Balancing her life, schoolwork and a full-time business is not easy, but her passion to change the fashion industry little by little is what drives her.  At the end of the day, she loves what she does. “I come home and I’m so excited about this.”



Katrina Froelich is the Fashion Editor at Tough to Tame. She’s worked in the fashion industry for over four years, gaining experience in PR and Editorial work at companies such as GUESS, Vivienne Westwood and Forme. You can reach her at katrinafroelich@toughtotame.org