The Met Gala is quite possible the biggest fashion event of the year.

Invitations signal an acceptance into fashion’s most elite circle headed by none other than Anna Wintour, the Editor-in-Chief of Vogue since 1988 and the fashion icon that has become known to most for her signature blunt bob and staple sunglasses. Those that are invited to the Gala -- which some joke is Wintour’s annual prom -- come to play with extravagant looks that will solidify them a place in fashion history… at least until next year.

Despite the word-class art that’s curated specifically for the year’s respective theme and the luxurious food and drink served throughout the night, all focus remains on the star-studded carpet before anyone even enters the Met’s doors.

This year’s theme, “Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination,” actually received an official stamp of approval from the Vatican (they even loaned 50 garments and accessories to the exhibit). Despite controversy -- with some criticizing the event for perpetuating cultural appropriation of Catholicism (which is simply a misunderstanding of what cultural appropriation truly is) -- the head curator Andrew Bolton told The New York Times that the exhibit was focused on “a shared hypothesis about what we call the Catholic imagination and the way it has engaged artists and designers and shaped their approach to creativity, as opposed to any kind of theology or sociology.” Cool. But like, what did people wear?

The following is my best dressed list, but let me preface it with this. The only people who win a “best-dressed” nod in my article (because my opinion holds significant weight and I am sure celebrities are reading this right now hoping they made the cut) are the people who dressed to the theme. If you looked boring AF, missed the mark, or didn’t go all out, you don’t make it. Try again next year.

The following is the best dressed at the Met Gala in no particular order.


Katrina Froelich is the Fashion Editor at Tough to Tame. She’s worked in the fashion industry for over four years, gaining experience in PR and Editorial work at companies such as GUESS and Forme. You can reach her at