By Katrina Froelich

1 · 20 · 2019


Sex-Positive is defined as “having or promoting an open, tolerant, or progressive attitude towards sex and sexuality.” And Tough To Tame is definitely a sex positive place. But, in the midst of all its fun, sex can get complicated and messy, with miscommunication (along with a dash of the patriarchy) making it seem like work rather than play. And to help, popular products and pervasive sex expectations rarely cater towards women and non-binary people. So, in honor of promoting sexuality in all its shapes and forms, Tough to Tame (and friends!) introduce the first installment of a new series in which we try and review sex-positive products — so sex never has to feel like a chore.

For Play (haha get it ;) )

  • Uberlube

  • “Amazing! In the past, I have had horrible reactions to lubricants and had strayed from using them. After a friend recommended Uber Lube, I thought I would give it a try and am so happy I did! It worked wonders and a little goes a long way. Definitely a must have for the bedroom!” - Montana

  • UNBOUND Clitoral Jolt Gel

  • “The tingles were nice, but weirdly minty. Fun to experience but didn't *noticeably* improve my orgasm...worth the try if you want to mix it up!” - Grace

  • Woo More Play Coconut Lube

  • “I showed my boyfriend the lube and he looked totally confused. ‘Isn’t lube for people who like... don’t like each other or need help to turn each other on?’ Needless to say, that relationship did not last very long… but the lube was fantastic, it worked really well and smelled even better. Keep this lube but ditch any guy who thinks you don’t need it.” -Amanda

  • UNBOUND Tether Tape

  • “This tape only sticks to itself, so it doesn’t leave any marks on your skin but still works perfectly. Yeah… I loved it” - Mary

  • Maude Burn Candle

  • “A candle that smells amazing, gets you in the mood, and doubles as massage oil. A perfect way to spice up your sex life and make your skin silky smooth!” - Katrina

  • UNBOUND Cuffies

  • “The cuffies are so practical. I’ve used real cuffs, which generally hurt in a not so sexy way, I’ve used ties, but I’m no Girl Scout and my knots always come undone. These are perfect because they’re comfortable and get the job done. Easy on and easy off with the help of your partner!” - Taylor

  • Post Play Wipes

  • “Sometimes after sex… there’s some cleanup, and Post Play wipes are perfect for cleaning up and feeling fresh after getting a little dirty!” - Madelyn

  • Foria Pleasure

  • “A natural arousal lube with THC… yeah this stuff is amazing.” - Carrie

For That Time Of The Month

  • THINX Period Panties

  • “Loved these! They do exactly what they say they will: replace a tampon or pad. They don’t necessarily absorb your period, the blood kind of just sits on the black material (but they don’t leak so it’s fine). They’re kind of a weird at first but you get used to them pretty quickly. The only bothersome thing is that when you take the underwear off to go to the bathroom you have to be careful about pulling them back up because you could get blood on yourself. Also, you have to hand wash Thinx. Still, totally worth the price. I even have a friend who is a nurse who wears them while working twelve-hour shifts where she’s constantly on her feet, and she’s loves them!”

  • Lola Tampon Subscription Service

  • “About a week before my period I can always count on my Lola package to come. I never run out of tampons and I never have to go to the store when I’m lying in bed with cramps. Plus they’re organic!” - Katrina

  • Sustain Natural Tampons

  • “I used to religiously use the Kotex tampons until their scandal. Now I use organic tampons like Sustain Natural’s and I have peace of mind for what I’m putting into my body.” - Riley

For Vaginal Wellness (Yes, that’s a thing)

  • Deodoc Deospray Intimate in Violet Cotton

  • “This was basically a sprayable deodorizer that was pH-balanced and safe for your intimate areas. It worked well! It smelled fresh without being invasive or too perfume-y. It’s pretty cold — like all aerosols — when you spray it, and that can be a shock, but once you get over that it’s fine. At first I wondered why the product was so small (it’s about the size of one’s hand, and easily passes through TSA) but then I imagined trying to wield a bottle the size of hairspray or dry shampoo in between my legs and I realized why.” - Jen

  • Bio Match™ Balance™ Moisturizing Natural Personal Wash

  • “This wash has no parabens, hash soaps or artificial fragrances and as someone who recently learned that what you put… down there… really matters, I could not be happier with this wash!” - Alexis

  • Good Girl Probiotics

  • “I didn’t know that I had to maintain the microbiome of any part of my body but the more I googled about how important it is to maintain your vaginal flora and acidic pH, the happier I am that I started taking these. And the company was made by women for women - which I love!” - Natalie

For Hair (full bush, trimmed bush, bald eagle? We got you)

  • Fur Ingrown Concentrate

  • “If you want to get rid of hair in 24 hours then you NEED this product. It smells amazing and works even better.” - Kate

  • The Perfect V VV Serum

  • “I thought that the calming serum for my vagina was also pretty nice. I didn't have an irritated vagina to begin with but I tried using it after shaving to calm any general redness and itchiness and it was effective and soothing without being sticky or overwhelming.” - Ruby

For Fashion (Think sex, but make it fashion)

  • Carne Bollente Clothing

  • “I love the idea of being free and artful with my sexuality and womanhood at the same time. It doesn’t feel lewd, but rather normalizes the female body.” - Annalise

  • Cleo Bangle Handcuffs

  • “These are now one of my prized possessions. Super cute, elegant, and sexy, and great for use with a partner or by yourself ;)” - Grace